New engine features

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Improved d3d_automaterial


Apply a material to a a level block; if d3d_automaterial is set to 4, it will automatically assign the same material to all the blocks that have the same texture with the initial block.


function main()


       d3d_automaterial = 4;









Improved level editor


Levels with lightmaps and a second UV coordinate set can now be imported in WED from FBX files. The 3D view can be switched between texture and lightmap mode through Wed's "view" menu.







The colors for panel elements (digits, etc) can now be set or changed using pan_setcolor at runtime.


// displays a digital clock that changes the color of the hours, minutes and seconds digits every 3 seconds

function main()


       screen_size.x = 620; 

       screen_size.y = 200; 

       PANEL* clock = pan_create(NULL,0);

       FONT* arial100 = font_create("Arial#100bi");

       pan_setdigits(clock,0,100,50,"%02.f :", arial100, 1, sys_hours);  

       pan_setdigits(clock,0,260,50,"%02.f :", arial100, 1, sys_minutes);  

       pan_setdigits(clock,0,420,50,"%02.f", arial100, 1, sys_seconds);  


       while (1)


               pan_setcolor(clock, 1, 1, vector(random(255), random(255), random(255)));

               pan_setcolor(clock, 1, 2, vector(random(255), random(255), random(255)));

               pan_setcolor(clock, 1, 3, vector(random(255), random(255), random(255)));

               wait (-3);