New engine features

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Support for Unicode text


The engine now supports Unicode text for displaying right-to-left writing like Hebrew or Arabic, as well as logographic or syllabic alphabets such as Chinese Han or Japanese Kana.


function main()
       TEXT* textUnicode = txt_create(10, 0);
       textUnicode.font = font_create("Arial Unicode MS#30");
       txt_loadw(textUnicode, "Unicode.txt");

       set(textUnicode, SHOW);







Sets a border overlay for the video window, allowing the user to set the size of the active area within the border. The black areas of the border image are transparent; this way arbitrarily shaped windows or panels can be created.


function main() // create your own widgets


       // create the border

       video_border (bmap_create ("widget.tga"), 250, 100, 300, 300); // widget.tga has 300x300 pixels

       // create a panel

       PANEL* my_widget = pan_create(NULL, 0);

       // and set its bitmap

       my_widget.bmap = bmap_create("widget.tga#250#100#300#300");

       // now make it visible

       set(my_widget, SHOW);





Improved ent_create instruction


The ent_create instruction can now create several entities at once by loading a wmb entity that contains other entities. It's the ideal scenario if you are interested in using lots of prefabs in your levels.