New engine features

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New physics engine


The hardware accelerated PhysX engine has replaced the old ODE physics engine. The PhysX engine works faster and is more accurate.


#include <default.c>

#include <ackphysx.h>


BMAP* pointer_tga = "pointer.tga";


STRING* sphere_mdl = "sphere.mdl";


function main()



       level_load(""); // load an empty level


       pXent_settype (NULL,PH_STATIC,PH_PLANE); // create a static plane at groundlevel zero


       ENTITY* ball = ent_create(sphere_mdl, vector(0,0,100), NULL);

       pXent_settype (ball,PH_RIGID,PH_SPHERE ); // create a ball


       pXent_addvelcentral(ball,vector(0,-10,0)); // make it jump and roll sidewards




                 pX_pick(); // pick and move the ball with the cursor





function mouse_startup()

       mouse_mode = 2;

       mouse_map = pointer_tga;

       while (1)


               vec_set(mouse_pos, mouse_cursor);






Accelerated stencil shadows for A8 Commercial


Accelerated stencil shadows are now also available in the A8 Commercial Edition, being used for stencil shadows and rendering up to 300% faster than the old, software-based stencil shadows. Software-based stencil shadows are still implemented in the Free and Extra Editions of the engine.



New, 4 and 6 sided sprite types


If a sprite's file name ends with "_x2" or "_x3", the engine uses 2 or 3 crossed planes to render it, making the sprites look much richer without sacrificing the rendering speed. It's a very useful feature if you want to create levels that include complex vegetation.