New engine features

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Augmented Reality plugin


The Augmented Reality plugin allows to control a video camera, capture live images, detect the position and orientation of markers in that image, and render 3D objects in the video stream.





ent_playsound improvements


The ent_playsound function now supports separate settings for volume and range.


var effect_volume = 50; // sound volume

var effect_range = 400; // sound range


SOUND* mysound_wav = "sound4.wav";


action entity_sound()


       while (1)


               if (key_space)


                       while (key_space) {wait (1);}

                       ent_playsound2 (my, mysound_wav, effect_volume, effect_range);


               wait (1);







The socket_select function can be used for simultaneously connecting to several sockets.