New engine features

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Here are some of the recent, hot Gamestudio features:



Ackusb.dll is now included in the Commercial Edition


This means that the Gamestudio Commercial Edtion users can now easily control USB modules (relays, etc) or Netport modules using simple code snippets like the one below:


#include <acknex.h>

#include <default.c>

#include <ackusb.h>


// control a board with two USB relays using the [1], [2] and [3] keys

function main()


usb_open(0); // open the USB port



   if(key_1) // [1] was pressed?

     usb_out(1); // then activate the first relay

   if(key_2) [2] was pressed?

     usb_out(2); // then activate the second relay

   if(key_3) [3] was pressed?

     usb_out(0); // then deactivate both relays







Game Icon Improvements


The game icon is now displayed in the taskbar when the engine is started using the -nwnd command line option




Str_printf Improvements


The str_printf function now also supports Unicode characters. This is great news for Gamestudio users who live in countries that use Unicode characters, as well as for people that plan to create localized versions of their games for foreign markets.


function printf_startup()




               draw_text(str_printf(NULL, "This text uses ãÂîÎâà characters"), 10, 10, COLOR_RED);

               wait (1);