Gravity War

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This month we will get to play with a 10 levels game that has you controlling a little rocket, trying to avoid various obstacles and (hopefully) reaching the destination. It's some sort of a "Lunar Lander" remake, but with more features.




Press and hold the "space" key for a few seconds to take off, and then use the left and right arrow keys, as well as the space key, to control the rocket until you reach the destination. Make sure to land the ship nicely, in a vertical position and with a small vertical speed; otherwise, the rocket will explode!




Things get more and more complicated as you move on to the following levels, but you shouldn't have too many problems.




The blueish / yellowish object in the upper right corner is a fuel power-up; simply run into it to get more fuel (the thick red bar at the bottom of the screen is your fuel indicator).




The following levels introduce our enemies, the evil satellite dishes that absorb player's energy :). Try to stay away from them if it is possible.




The rocket will explode if it collides with one of the walls or with an enemy; if this happens, press the "R" key to restart the game.




The code is very well commented, as always.