Turn-based game

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This month, after listening to your requests at the forum, I have decided to create a simple turn-based game. It's a project that uses simple rules which are similar with rock-paper-scissors; the player can fire one of the 3 different weapons (ultra violets, x rays and infrared) and the enemy chooses a random weapon and fires back. If the player and the enemy choose the same weapon, the projectiles collide and explode without harming anyone.




If the player and the enemy choose different weapons, the weaker projectile will be deflected (it will fly upwards) and the stronger projectile will damage its target.




I have added an R (rock), a P (paper) and an S (scissors) to the HUD, so that you can learn the rules quickly.




If the player or the enemy run out of health, they die; if this happens, the game can be played again by pressing the "Restart" button on the HUD.




That's it! The code is very well commented, as always.