Untitled Platformer

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As you might know, a group of enthusiastic engine users (including myself) have decided to team up and create a game. We've got 9 great game ideas (you can find them all inside this month's resources) and "Untitled Platformer" has got the greatest number of votes at the forum. I thought that it would be a good idea to create a quick prototype and see if the concept is solid enough to support a commercial-quality game. Gamestudio has proved to be a fast prototyping tool once again; it's taken me only 2 days to create this game demo, including the levels, the graphics, etc.


The first level is simple and doesn't need too many explanations.




Well, you might need a few explanations after all, so move close to the sign using the right arrow key and you'll be able to read all there is to know about this game.




Do what the friendly sign says: get the gem, and then move close to the door, wait until the player stops and press the "Enter" key to open it; the second level will be loaded.




I have only included 4 levels with the demo, but I think that they are more than enough for a quick prototype.




The engine will shut down at the end of the 4th level.




You won't believe it, but the code is very well commented.