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This month we get to play with an application that uses structs (check out the lite-C 101 workshop) to create Booker, an application that stores information about your books: author, book title, year and editor.




Here's a list with its features:


1) You can add new books.




2) You can search by the author or book name (title).






3) You can display all the stored books by typing "all" (without the quotes) in the author name or book title search box:






The search isn't case sensitive; this should make the things easier on your end. The project comes with a simple database which is stored in items.txt (the number of books) and database.txt (the name of the authors, the book titles, etc). Feel free to play with my data or delete the two txt files and start your own database from scratch if you want to.


The code is fully commented (as always), so you shouldn't have any problems with it.