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This month's "Plug and play" article puts the player inside a plane, fighting with various enemies over 10 levels. The controls are very easy to remember: the left and right arrow keys control the plane and space fires rockets.




It all starts with a simple, dumb (green) enemy that shouldn't trouble us too much.




Things move on as we encounter a smarter (red) enemy, but even this one isn't a match for our brave pilot.




Well, I have to admit that it gets a bit more complicated when the tank arrives...




As the time goes by, things get harder and harder; the 10th level contains quite a few enemies, putting the player to a real test.




If our brave pilot is shut down, there's always the restart (R) key to save us.




Nevertheless, a brave pilot like you won't stop fighting the evil planes and the horrible tank until he or she will see the victory panel.




The code is very well commented, as always.