Donut Fall

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Ok, I have to admit it: I'm not a thin guy. I used to be thin, but with all these donuts floating around at malls, restaurants, etc I just can't help it. So when I thought about implementing Torsten's online high score system in a game (check out the "Exquisite contributions" section of the magazine), creating a game where you try to catch juicy, falling donuts sounded natural to me.


You have a small paddle, and you try to catch as many donuts as possible; the game will end as soon as you miss 10 donuts. Actually, I wanted to set the "game over" limit even lower - you don't want to waste 10 tasty donuts, be them virtual or not! ;)


Type in your name, and then press the Enter key; the donuts will start to fall at a reasonable speed.




Nevertheless, as the time passes, the donuts start falling faster and faster, making it more and more difficult for the player to catch them. As soon as the game is over, the online highscore system connects to Conitec's server, checks the scores and, if your score is higher than the existing scores, replaces one of them.




I can't end this article without thanking Torsten again for his great contribution; I hope that we will see many games that save their high scores online from now on. The code is very well commented, as always; make sure to read the included ReadMe.txt file if you want to learn how to implement online high scores in your games.