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This month I have created an unusual game where you control a small gem, trying to absorb other gems. I know that this might not sound very exciting, but there's a catch: all the gems that are bigger than you can absorb you, as well as all the gems that are smaller than they are. This means that you should try and absorb the small gems at the very beginning, and then go for the bigger ones as the size of your gem increases. Fortunately, the game displays all the gems that can be safely absorbed in blue, while highlighting the dangerous ones in red.


The controls are dead easy: use the cursor left / right keys to do the steering and space the propelling. Press the "R" key to restart the level if you don't have too many chances to survive or if you have been absorbed. Enough talk! Let's examine the first screenshot.




This first level might look dangerous with all those red gems floating around player's dark gem, but go for the smaller (blue) ones and you'll increase your size quickly and thus be able to go after the red (then, hopefully turned to blue) guys.




The second level brings in 20 enemies, but can be passed with flying colors if the enemies don't absorb each other (or you!) too often, creating big enemy bosses.




The third level brings in even more enemies, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with it.




As your size grows, chasing smaller and smaller enemies (like that tiny blueish one near the player from the screenshot above) will become harder and harder; you have to run over them with an area that's as close to the center of your gem as possible in order to eliminate them all.




It's a game of patience, but well worth the reward: a nice "printf" window that congratulates you at the end of the game. If you like this project and you own an iPhone, go and buy "Osmos" right now. Well, even if you don't like this game, try out Osmos because it is a great game and has served as an inspiration for this month's "Plug and Play" article.


(I'm not sure if I have mentioned that the code is fully commented).