Old Skool

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This time I chose to recreate an old school space game I've been playing a lot on my telephone lately. Your rocket has crashed on a friendly planet, and now you control a small ship, trying to collect a few batteries that will (fortunately) have enough power to help you return to our friendly planet. Actually, I think I just made this story up, but that's the main idea anyway.




Use the left / right arrow keys to rotate the ship and the space key to give it some speed. Run into all the green batteries; this is a friendly planet, so the batteries will move towards you if you come close enough to them, because they want to make your life as easy as possible. After you have collected them all, head over to the greenish gate at the top of the screen; it will only open if you have collected all the batteries. Let me think... there must be somebody else inside the rocket, and that evil person won't allow you to rest until you harvest all the energy on the planet. Or the aliens have kidnapped you and they're working you to death... who knows?




Anyway, if you pick all the batteries, the door will open and you'll be able to approach the rocket. Move underneath it in order to deliver the batteries (move close to its middle) and you should be greeted with a friendly "congratulations" message.




Do what the friendly panel says; press the "N" key to load the next level.




Did I say that this was a friendly planet? Actually, there are some red laser barriers that go on and off each second in this level, so getting all the batteries and then heading to the exit is going to be much harder than I thought initially. Well, at least there aren't any enemies...




Did I say that there aren't any enemies in this game? Those tiny red squares are enemies that will chase you if they are able to come close enough to you. Your ship is much faster (I think that their ships run on cold water or something), so you'll be able to outrun them without having any problems.




Actually, these enemies in combination with the laser barriers could make your life much harder, but since I'm a nice guy (at least that's what I keep repeating to myself) I didn't make the last level too complicated. Finish this level and you'll be greeted by the friendly "you have finished the game" panel.




Actually, there is another somewhat friendly panel, but I won't talk about it now because you'll discover it by yourself for sure, as you play the game.


The code is very well commented, as always.