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This month we have gotten ourselves a top view, frantic action game, which will have the player rescuing hostages and fighting huge, blood-thirsty spiders.


Everything starts nicely, with our player moving around in an easy level, approaching the guard.mdl hostages to rescue them.




The useful HUD at the top of the screen shows player's earned bux. Yes, unlike most of us, he gets to collect some bux in exchange for his work! Then, we can see the number of lives and the number of rescued hostages out of their total number.




As soon as you rescue all the hostages, the gate opens and you can move on to the next level.


The second level introduces the first enemy. Don't worry, it's not moving. Although it rotates and wobbles quite a bit. What did you expect from a barrel that's filled with radioactive material?




As you can imagine, things get more complex in this level. You have to control your frantic moves from now on; otherwise, you will run into trouble.




Still, with careful planning and a bit of luck, you will manage to get through to the third level.




I'm telling you, man, this is where the things get really frantic! We've got lots of spiders popping out of nowhere, using an intelligent function that tests if they can be brought to life without causing other entities to get stuck into them, and so on. This means that they will quickly fill the entire level.




I think I've forgotten to tell you that the player has a laser-based weapon! And believe it or not, it can destroy spiders! So make sure to use it; otherwise, you will end up like the poor fellow in the screenshot below.




The code is so well commented that it makes me cry. Almost...