Demolition squad

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This time I have created a game that uses the new physics engine. You are a demolition expert, and you have to bring down several (wooden) structures, placing dynamite at the key structure points. Everything would be easy, but with the current economical crisis you've got limited quantities of explosive material at your disposal, so you need to place them carefully.




It all starts easy, with a simple structure. Click the bomb picture in the upper left corner of the screen, and then move the mouse and click again to place it where you want it.




Repeat the process, adding as many dynamite models as you can; their number is displayed in the left corner of the screen. Then, press the "Explode" button in the right corner of the screen; all the bombs will explode. Press "Restart" to restart a failed level or (if you have managed to demolish the entire structure) do what the panel below says - press any key (or a mouse button) to load the following level.




I have only included 5 levels with this game, but I'm sure that you will be able to come up with lots of interesting ideas, such as using solid structures that make player's job harder, wooden structures that look and act like dominoes, and so on.




The code is very well commented, as always.