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This month brings us a combination of mathematics and invaders, in a game that is supposed to help kids learn the multiplication table.




It starts just like a regular 2D invaders game, with our robotic player trying to overpower the UFOs by shooting fire bolts from its head-mounted antenna. The game would be quite hard by itself, considering the fact that there are many enemies. Still...




To make the things even worse, our robotic player has a limited amount of ammo; it starts with 5 bullets, and it gets another bullet each time the player types in the proper result. So you (or your kid) need(s) to avoid the enemy bullets while finding the right answer for the multiplication exercise. Is this game supposed to be fun for the kids? I really don't know, but since so many clones were created (this one included) it must be a successful idea indeed!




There's some good news, though; the balloon that flies up in the sky from time to time (don't get your hopes high, it won't happen that often) can restore your health in case that you manage to shoot it. Its layer is lower than the one used for the UFOs, so you'll need to find a clear path in order to hit it.


What are the game controls? Move the mouse horizontally to control the robot and press the left mouse button to fire the bullets (if you have them, of course). Type in the numerical answers using the keyboard; if you get the right, you'll gain a bullet. Still, if you don't get the answer correctly, you'll lose a bullet. How cool is that?


The code is nicely commented, as always.