Car game

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This month I have decided to create a driving game. Not a racing game! It's a game in which you will simply have to drive a car, avoiding the other cars. Sound easy enough, isn't it?




Well, the speed increases progressively as you advance, offering you the opportunity to drive at speeds of over 200 mph. How cool is that? Well, it certainly isn't that cool if you crash into another vehicle, because your car explodes and the game stops right away. Yeah, you can't hit another car at 200 mph and live to tell about it, the way it happens in other games. Not realistic at all, if you ask me...




So what is so special about this PnP project, besides the huge driving speeds that will test your reflexes? First of all, it teaches you how to create unlimited levels. It uses three wmb entities to create an endless level, with random props (trees and rocks). Then, it includes a vehicle creation system, with random vehicles that are generated on random lanes, moving with random speeds, changing lanes and slowing down when there are other cars in front of them.


Sounds interesting enough? Well, there are a few more goodies, but I'll let you discover them all by taking a good look at the very well commented code.