Shooter template

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This month's shooter template brings us these new additions:

- A fully working health / armor system - the armor will help the player lose less health if it is hit by an enemy bullet or rocket;

- Configurable health and armor packs;

- An enemy turret that fires either machine-gun style bullets or rockets;

- Various fixes and additions to the existing scripts.


I have only placed two turrets in the level: one that fires bullets and one that fires rockets.






Go and find the turrets - it shouldn't be too hard to destroy them if you've got the machine gun or the sniper gun.




Don't forget to check "Behavior" section of our turret:

- "Rockets" allows your turret to fire bullets (0) or rockets (1);

- Turret_armor sets the armor for your turret (default = 100);

- Turret_angle sets the horizontal scanning angle of the turret (default = 120);

- Turret_range sets the scanning range of the turret (default = 2,000);

- Rocket_vertex sets the rocket firing vertex of the turret (default = 64);

- Mgun_vertex1... Mgun_vertex6 set the firing vertices for the machine gun. If your turret model doesn't have 6 different vertices to fire from, you can use the same value for all the vertices.