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This month the player has got a weapon (a staff / mace / whatever) that fires when you press and hold the left mouse button, having a range of 1000 quants, as well as spiders that fire... lightning bolts, what else?


Run the level, and then move towards the staff; it's very close to the player, so you can't miss it.




Before tackling that little guy, you might want to test the weapon; the spider can't see you (yet) and it will do its thing, patrolling a path. By the way, if one of these spiders chase you and you manage to escape by moving far away from it, the spider will look for another path in the area and if it finds it, it will use it. I have only included a lonely path in the level, but feel free to add as many as you want to.




The fire weapon doesn't use too many particles, so you can add many more if you need to.




You will also meet this little fellow's mother in another area of the level:




I have to admit that these spiders are pretty tough (the mother is tougher), but they can be defeated if you manage to avoid their bullets. Remembering to keep shift pressed while you are running away, in order to double the movement speed, is also helpful ;)




The spider code is fully customizable, so you will be able to create a great variety of crawlers.




- Alert_dist sets the distance that will trigger the spider's reaction;

- Running_speed is the speed with which the spider will follow the player;

- Walking_speed is the spider patrolling speed;

- Dist_to_ground sets the distance between the origin of the spider model and the ground; play with this value until its feet sit perfectly on a horizontal surface;

- Health sets the number of health points for the spider;

- Bullets_freq sets the frequency with which the spider will fire the lightning bolts; if random(1) is greater than this value, a bullet will be fired;

- Bullets_vertex sets the origin for the spider's bullets; in this example, the spider will fire the bullets / bolts from its 93rd vertex;

- Falling_speed is the speed with which the spider will fall down to the ground (if needed);

- Bolt_damage sets the damage produced to the player by a spider bolt (bullet).


In the good tradition of the RPG games, we are also going to add the code for a skeleton enemy to our template. I'll see you all next month!