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Apart from several fixes, this month we have added another enemy, an underwater effect and sign / note reading code to the RPG project. The skeleton enemy is a bit weaker; those spiders were (and still are!) a bit too dangerous, I think. The skeletons wait until the player comes close enough, and then they start chasing the player; since their movement speed is quite big, it's quite hard to get rid of them without killing them.




The skeletons will attack the player, making it lose precious blood drops.




Fortunately, the skeleton can't match player's mace / fire ring weapons, so it will die quite fast.




The sign code I've added this month reads the content of the entity's string1 and displays it when the player comes close enough to any sign, thus offering precious advice.






Finally, I also added a simple underwater effect which uses dynamic blue fog in conjunction with variable camera.roll angles and camera.arc (zoom) values.