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Webcam DLL


Nils Daumann is our hero again; he has released a great webcam dll that allows us to control our games using a tiny flashlight attached to our heads (hats, etc).


I have published the demo, so all you have to do is to run the main.exe file. Do that, and then point a flashlight to the center of your webcam. Press alt, and then space to reset the camera coordinates, and then start moving the flashlight up, down, left, right, etc - you will see that the level camera changes its position as well.


Don't forget to check out the YouTube videos posted by Nils if you want to learn more about his great dll; you will find them at Conitec's forum, under "User Contributions".








"If you like it and have some use for it, I would of course appreciate a little donation which you can do over my website (http://www.ssmasters.de)", says Nils and I strongly suggest that you should do so if you use his plugin.