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Graphical User Interface Designer


This month's great contribution comes from TSG_Torsten and it's a tool that allows us to create menus for our games easily, using a WYSIWYG editor.

Take a look at the feature list and you will soon realize that we've got a powerful tool in our hands:


- Create panels and buttons from tga, pcx or bmp files

- Align panels at top, bottom, left, right, center

- Render simple images or text buttons (with mouse off, over and click)

- Create sub-menus (different menu pages)

- Assign OnClick functions to panels or buttons

- Create menus that are sized to the current screen resolution automatically

- Easy panel positioning using the mouse and the arrow keys

- Copy & paste panels

- Create guiding lines in order to set the panels at their proper positions

- C-script and lite-C code exporter (thanks to Lukas and Virtualmarc).








Please don't forget to thank Torsten for his beautiful, time-saving contribution.