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Ragdoll Template


I almost missed this month's featured contribution because it was posted in another area of the forum. If you've missed it as well, you will be happy to discover a fully functional ragdoll template that can be used in your own games without too much effort. A full demo is included in this month's resources, so run main.exe from within the \Ragdoll_blend_Demo folder and enjoy the show:




Well, there isn't too much to see yet, but every time you press the "R" key, a new entity is created and falls to the ground in a realistic, ragdoll-like ;) style:




It's easy to get tempted and add tens or even hundreds of ragdoll-based enemies to your levels, but since they use precious computer resources I suggest that you should only keep them active for a few seconds, while the enemies are dieing.


Don't forget to thank Helghast for his very generous contribution - he deserves it!