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A* Pathfinder


This month's great contribution comes from Mr. X and (despite its value) went almost unnoticed. We are talking about a fully functional A* path finding system that works great and can be implemented without too much effort in your projects. The pathfinder comes with a fully functional demo that uses a car and is included in this month's resources.




Just run the demo, and then click any spot on the map - the car will drive to that particular spot without bumping into the walls. The setup is easy: just place a bunch of entities in the level (the white ones in the demo, which are the blue ones in the Wed screenshot below) and then attach them the "AddWaypoint" action - that's all!




The code is very clean and very well written, so you shouldn't have problems implementing Mr. X's snippet into your own projects. Thank you a lot for this wonderful piece of code, Mr X!