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Flame shader


This time I chose to show you a great flame shader that was created by Wdlmaster a while ago, but didn't get all the attention it actually deserves. The shader comes with a full demo; simply run Flame.c from within the _shader folder and you'll see it in its full splendor.




As always, these effects look even better when you are seeing them in motion, so make sure to check out this shader demo - it's worth it! One word of advice, though: the shader detects your monitor's resolution and runs at the maximum possible screen size values; comment the first line listed below and remove the comment from the 2nd line to set your own resolution (inside Flame.c).


video_set (sys_metrics(0),sys_metrics(1),32,1);

// video_set (700,700,32,0);fps_max=60;


Thank you a lot for the generous contribution, Wdlmaster!