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physX plugin


This month's featured contribution comes from Rajoelison Andry Herizo. It's a full rewrite of the physX plugin that can be tested using the two demos that come with this month's resource. Here's the plugin feature list:

- Rigid bodies;

- Forces

- Joints (more easy to configure);

- Character controllers (it is quite easy to create platformers). Some advantages are:

a) 1 line to create moving platforms (Integrated into physX);

b) CCT doesn't automatically push bodies, but can be configured depending on gameplay (demonstrated in the North Pole sample);

c) Handling character interactions is easy (collision constants are defined).

- Vehicles (4 wheeled chars and n > 4 wheeled chars a.k.a tanks);

- Scene queries (raycast, sweep and overlap supporting capsule and sphere - demonstrated in character controller crouching);

- Function names have similarities with the actual plugin function names: physX_open to physX3_open; pXent_settype to pX3ent_settype, and so on;


Herizo will be more than happy to get your bug reports / feature suggestions in the forum development thread.




aum108_exq2 aum108_exq3


Thank you for this great contribution, Herizo!