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Don't copy / paste code from the magazine - use the C-Script files inside the archive! Don't forget to "include" the files that need to be included in your main file.
Beginners corner:

- Add the "Buy now!" or "Visit homepage" button to your game;

- Need more light in a darker area of your level? Then use some flares!


Code snippets:

- Planet Survivors: play the first level.

- Throw grenades that cause damage to all the entities in their area.


Most asked questions:

Haven't got an answer at the forum? Read it here!


Hot features:

New features available in the beta version of the engine.


User contributions:

New user contributions hosted at Acknex Unlimited.



Burnner is 14 years old and Maker is 15 years old. Learn more about their project “Roll-It” and don't forget to check their good looking shots.

P.S: I try to use textures from standard.wad for all my demos in all the AUM editions.