CubeX Framework

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The CubeX Framework is a very generous contribution from Felix. It's a framework for Gamestudio to create games or applications which are based on blocks. It provides functions to manage such blocks without significant performance loss.




Make sure to read the included documentation and you'll learn all there is to know about it. The included demo shows how to use the level editor. Also there is a simple game implemented, where you can walk through your level. These are the default controls:
- WASD to move

- Space to jump
- Escape to return to the main menu

The level editor has two modes: mouse mode and fly mode. In fly mode, you can control the camera and fly trough the level. There are the controls:
Left Mouse                -        Place block
Right Mouse                -        Remove block
Middle Mouse                -        Place light with light range
Escape                        -        Switch to mouse mode


In the mouse mode you can change the level ambient light (The + and - buttons and top left corner of the game); the three buttons are to control the editor behaviour:
S                        -        Saves the level
G                        -        Opens a menu to generate new level
X                        -        Returns to main menu without saving


Next things is the list with different block materials. Select one with the mouse. The name meanings are listed here:
Sand                        -        Sand
Erde                        -        Earth
Dreck                        -        Dirt
Dreck/Gras                -        Dirt with gras on top
Fels                        -        Rock
Steine                        -        little stones
Steinmauer                -        stone wall
Fliesen                        -        tiles
Holz                        -        Wood
Metallkiste                -        Metal box
Glas                        -        Glas
Wasser                        -        Water


If you click on the G button, you get a new menu opened. In this menu you can choose an option on how to generate your new level. There are following menu items:
Fläche                        -        Plain with Gras
Labyrinth                -        Mace
Höhlensystem                -        Cave system
Heightmap                -        creates a terrain
Abbrechen                -        closes the menu